Graduation and the Class of 2012

8:59 AM

So, I graduated this weekend. It was a traditionally loooong ceremony, compounded by the heat of a thousand bodies breathing in one room, but my trip across the stage was a mere blip in my memory. I waited in those seats, just begging the thing to get a move on, and yet, when it was my turn, it happened so quickly, I can hardly remember it. What I knew for sure, however, was that I was holding in my hands another degree that promised that I would never have to step foot on that campus again for the rest of my life.

What's remarkable is this: I have very very few pictures of the happy occasion. I, of course, was absorbed with fetching my degree, so I didn't bring my camera along. My mother's camera managed to burn through three sets of batteries, while only taking one picture. It was bad luck. Then I just sort take pictures of my grad. party. Really, I was talking and drinking and eating and just not photographing what is, so far, the most important occasion of my life.

So I'll just present you with this one: I am happy, thrilled and so contented with the company. I'm also enjoying a piece of broccoli in my chipmunk cheeks.

I am sincerely hoping more pictures come out of the wordwork in the next couple of weeks, but until then, I think this one adequately presents my happy feelings with my best friend.

By the way, tomorrow I start my grown up job. I woke up this morning, this last morning of sleeping in, knowing that today is my last day of adolescence. Tomorrow I start my forever life.

Wish me luck!

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