Memorial Day Weekend

7:24 AM

In Michigan, we are lucky. I have heard it said, true or not, that no matter where you are in Michigan, you are never more than an hour away from a body of water. I know for certain that you are never more than a couple hours drive away from a lake so huge, it takes little imagination to pretend that it's the ocean. Except, it's better: no salt, no sharks, no jellyfish.

Memorial Day was an "up north" weekend. I sometimes wonder if other states have a place called "up north" like we do in Michigan. Anywhere, north of Grand Rapids, is considered "up north" and we use the term like it is a specific place. For me, up north is Frankfort, a tiny town on the edge of Lake Michigan. It's truly divine.

On Friday night, I packed the puppies in my tiny Honda and we set off for the three hour trip to our up north. It's funny, there is this one road that once I turn on, the dogs all know where we are going and suddenly they get excited. Whining and cheerful yips ensue from the backseat and everyone shares the magic of up north.

On Saturday morning, I attached Jack to his leash and we set out of the beach. You can tell by the blurry pictures that he gets as excited as I do. There is a specific path that I take every time. One sidewalk through a neighborhood of upscale beach houses and Jack knows the way almost better than his mama.

It's actually quite a hike for us, a solid two miles at least, but Jack and I both love to walk, so it's pleasant.

We did finally make it.

Tired Jack. Hot Jack. Thirsty Jack. All he wanted to do was lay in the water.

I love that he is such a water dog, but even he craves a break from the water sometimes.

 Jack is like a shrinky-dink. Throw a little heat on him (and the consequential cooling water) and shhh-woop, he shrinks.
All that hair de-puffs when he's wet. It's hilarious.

He's bored, so we walked.

and put our feet in the sand.

And then, of course, Monday came too quickly. It was time to pack everyone back up and head home.

They were exhausted.

It was a great weekend and those Pure Michigan ads were given clout in my book. Michigan really is a rockstar state.

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