Oh Jesus, it's Saturday.

5:25 AM

It's so twisted that Friday is so far from Monday, yet Monday is so close Friday.

When I was in college (sheez-o-pizza, it feels good to use that sentence), I thought the balancing of school and work was the suckiest thing in life. Mostly I was right, but ever changing schedule provided some sort of excitement, I suppose. Sometimes I had nights off, sometimes I had entire days off. The exchange, of course, was all those weekends I always worked. Now that I have my first ever completely fulltime job, however, my schedule never ever changes. That's pleasant for the plans making and it makes me grateful for every single evening I get to enjoy eating dinner at my own kitchen table and watching bad television. I also have cultivated a more concise inventory of things I love. Perhaps it's because I have consecutive hours in my day to focus on things I enjoy. Rather than spending five hours at school, an hour at home, followed by six hours at work and then homework and finally seven hours in bed and random minutes and minutes in between, now I have every second between 5PM and 8AM the next day to do what I like.

I'm catching up on my favorite blogs, painting my fingernails consistantly and plowing through books as rapidly as I breathe oxygen.

I used to love nail art. In fact, I still do. I love nails that look more like tiny art canvases than body parts, but those days for me are mostly over. That doesn't mean, however, that I don't appreciate a beautiful and unique manicure. It's just that, well, I guess I feel too old to sport strawberries on my fingernails. But, and this is important, I am not adverse to a little glitter. This morning I tried my hand at some trendy ombre glitter fingertips. Oh, and I'm pleased.

You know what else I love these days? Ellie Goulding. That girl gets me through my work day thanks to Pandora. Through her channel I've discovered a new favorite: Kate Earl. I also learned that one of my favorite musicians, Marina Diamondis, is coming out with a new album and although it's drastically different than her first, it's incredible. Still that voice and lyrics that define her. I suggest Ellie Goulding's Guns and Horses, Kate Earl's What I Want, and Marina's Primadonna. I usually listen to NPR in the morning and kick the tunes after my lunch break. It's pretty magical.

I can't check up on my favorite blogs when I'm at work, but now that I have evenings free every day of the week, I have plenty of time to catch up with my very favorite blogger, Kelle Hampton, who is, interestingly enough, in my state this week. I don't have children, or really even any kind of "family" other than my sibs and parents and stuff, but I love reading about her adventures with her young daughters. It's her writing that's so catching. Alot of controvery surrounds her, readers either lovelovelove her, or they hate her. I love her writing. I cried while reading her daughter Nella's birth story. Twice. Anyway, it's so fun to see her running around Michigan in those fabulous pictures that she takes. I love that I recognize so many of the places.

Alright, that's it for me. I'm off to enjoy my Saturday!

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