6:36 PM

 I'm twenty-four.

Twenty-three is gone and it ain't comin' back. Ever.
Twenty-three, you were joyful. You brought about my college graduation and my first full-time, truly grown up job. You gave me love and completed another year of my eternal learning. You were good, but I won't miss you.  I'm too excited for something new.

Hello, twenty-four.
Please be good to me. Remind me that I am continually creating my own destiny, so when I curse you as bad, help me to know that I have the power to make it right again. It's really not you, it's me and I will be happy in this year. We can't break up for another 365 days, so let's just get along, shall we.
Maybe we'll even fall in love. Who knows.

As promised, I spent Monday and Tuesday pondering who twenty-four-year-old-Jenn is. I can't ponder that person anymore because as of right now, that person is me. She is not the future, she is today. What defines me today is what defines twenty-four forever.


I'm a girl who's inital reason for going to college was to grow up to have a job that required me to wear cute shoes and dress up everyday. I grew into a girl who continued the collegiate path for other reasons, but still counts the shiny pumps and carefully creased trousers as a perk right up there with paid vacations.

I'm a girl who prefers coffee to tea, even if tea is more romantic.

I'm a girl who's heart has a special spot that only rainy days and tomato soup can fill.

I'm a girl who loves dog kisses.

Student or not, I can't drop the English major identity. I'm an English major. Forever, dammit.

I'm a girl in love.

I'm a girl who accepts defeat. Some days, I'm just going to kick the dog hair behind the couch and call it good.

I'm a girl who starts again tomorrow, attacking defeat and dog hair with a vacuum. Tomorrow.

I'm a girl who reads and writes and listens to 60's music like it's her job.

I'm a girl with really cool people in her life. People who answer phone calls and give hugs and laugh at silly jokes. Those are the best kind of people and this girl's got 'em.

I'm a Dutch girl. Broccoli lovin' dog mom. Beach Boy fan. Equal rights supporter. Margarita drinkin' fool. Nail art afficionado.
I'm a happy happy happy gal.
That's who I am.

Twenty-three saw some pretty cool things, like the permanent end to my nail chewing and an increase in clean laundry. I saw my name in print for the first time. I became a paid, published author. I read some great books and made some new friends. If blessings could be subtracted, I'd be dead before I whittled the math down to zero.

Twenty-three, you were good to me, but frankly, I bid you adieu because I've got plans for twenty-four and they start today.

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