5 Reasons to Love Summer in August

9:14 AM

Recently, I've noticed a strange, horrible, yikes-bikes inducing trend. It happened last year, it is happening this year, and no doubt, it will happen forever. Right around this time, too.

Summer is getting stagnant.

It happens every year, after months of heat and humidity, the women I know and their Pinterest boards get all fall-friendly and dreamy for Christmas. And the worst part is that I'm usually on board. Bring on the bonfires, boots and aviators. Come'on cute sweaters and leather jackets! Bring your twinkle lights and holiday fever!

But I live in Michigan, and this year, Michigan refused to play nice. In May, we got a big fat F.U in place of spring. Memorial day, when I typically park myself at the beach for a nice long weekend of skin cooking, was 50 degrees and freezing. June perked up a little bit, but still laughed in our faces when we pled for beach weather. Then, two weeks ago, we got the hot. Three months worth in less than five days. We'll pay for that of course, starting with yesterday, which came in with 60-degree weather.

I considered turning on my heat this morning.

Anyway, long story short, I haven't gotten enough summer lovin' to be done with summer. Usually, this time of year, I gaze lovingly at my jeans and remember how much I like to wear them which spurs my need for fall weather. In August, October just sounds so romantic, unless summer has been wearing October's clothes all season. A little out of character, and a little short of fashion forward.

One of my favorite bloggers started the countdown to fall a few weeks ago. I nearly died.
One of my favorite Pin boards started a huge push for Christmas a week ago. Again, I nearly died.

I'm opposed to death, so today, I stand before you, urging you: rock the hell out of summer until it slips away because, trust me, summer is like that stupid girl at a party you once went to. You know the one, she's adorable, so everyone loves her, but she's bat-shit crazy. She's always threatening to leave, and even though she's kind of annoying, she's the life of the party and she's so fun and everyone wants her to stay. Summer is that girl and for the love of God, do NOT let her leave. Once she stumbles out that door, the party gets dismantled. I mean, you might sigh with relief for a minute, but then you realize the party is over and everyone's going home. Five minutes after she's gone, you're counting down the minutes 'til the next party she's at, because you'll be there and you can't wait.

Yeah, summer's that girl.

Five Reasons to Love Summer

1.) Let's begin with the most important question: have you ever been to a carnival in the winter? ...Exactly.

Fourth of July


2.) And fireworks? Treat this like your fulltime job in the summer. Sparklers make everything more fun.


3.) Flops. Can't wear those in January. Or you can, but you'll be miserable. PS - ever heard of frostbite?


4.) Summer sunsets. Gosh, those are hard to beat. In February, when the sun sets before it even rises, a summer sunset is one of the first things I start to crave. Walking on the pier around 9:30 p.m, a bubblegum ice cream cone in hand, watching the sun curl over the water -- that can't be outdone by anything the fall brings. Not even Halloween.

Cartwheel Girl

5.) Let's focus now: I'm getting married in August, which immediately puts a special edge on the entire month, but you guys -- I'm getting married on a beach. That requires summer to last the entire month, so Jessica Garvin and Anne Marie and the rest of you fall lovin' freaks, please, for the love of all things good and holy, hold off on your pleas for fall and Christmas. I need summer for at least 30 more days. I promise to join you in pumpkin dreams promptly on August 25th.


Happy Sunday Fun Day!

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