Little This. Little That.

3:50 AM

Quick disclaimer: I'm really bad at blogging during my travel season. It just is what it is. I'm exhausted.

I digress. Peeks and pieces of my week.
And ps - if you want to see what I've been up to and where I'm traveling, search #travelseasonOC

1.) Playing with the aperture on my camera. Slowly working towards using it on manual mode.
2.) Let's play a game. It's called "Guess if it's daytime or nighttime!"
3.) I'd read this one.
4.) and 5.) Beautiful Ann Arbor. That place was made for fall.
6.) The local high school. It got a swift taste of fall before anywhere else in our neighborhood. The leaves on my trees are still green, but two blocks away, they've changed color and started falling off the branches. And as a side note, Jack loves crunchy, crispy leaves.
7.) That high school again. I purposely drive by it, just to see the fall happening.
8.) Coffee. Intravenously. All hours of the day.

Happy Weekend, you guys!

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